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Justice for Baron, a dog Whose Nose & Ears Were Cut off....

A note from SJ Francis: I must admit that when I first saw this petition for this dog, my heart ached. When I saw what was done to this dog, Baron, I felt fury toward the abuser. If I could have reached out to that abuser, no place would have been safe for him/her/them. I'd like to do to them what they did to poor Baron. In case you missed his story of cruel animal abuse, read on.

Dog with ears and nose cut off likely a victim of dogfighting.
Posted by DoggoPupper on March 8, 2017.
Baron, the rottweiler mix found abandoned and severely injured with both ears and his nose mutilated, was likely a victim of dogfighting.
Dogfighting is an absolutely disgusting and inhumane practice that is unfortunately still too common in our society. Not only are the dogs forced to hurt one another, the people who fight them will often harm the dogs themselves. While the people who did this to Baron still haven’t been caught, Baron’s horrific injuries point to what is likely dogfighting. They could be have been carried out on him as punishment for losing a fight or as a crude way of treating injuries he sustained from another dog. Because of the extent of his injuries, investigators assume more than one person must have been involved:
“I have a hard time believing that one person could hold the dog, cut off both ears, cut off his tail, injure his back legs and slice off his nose without the dog biting or getting away,”said cruelty investigator Mark Ramos. “For one person to do that, they would have to struggle, and the cuts are pretty clean. I think multiple people did this, at least two.”
Yet despite all of the horrible things he’s been through at the hands of people, Baron is still a happy dog and who just found this forever home. Nearly 300,000 people have now signed our Change.org petition to help find his abuser (thank you to each and every one!) and the Michigan Humane Society has reported an outpouring of support from people around the world.17022533_10154376823512849_5804533455762806992_n

While laws against dogfighting have helped curtail the practice significantly, it still happens far too often and according to the ASPCA, it has been reported in urban, suburban, and rural settings in all regions of the country.
The reward for information leading to the arrest of Baron’s abuser(s) is now up to $40,000 and anyone with information about Baron or those responsible for his injuries should call cruelty investigators at 313-872-3401.
Following is the original petition to get justice for Baron found on Change.org:

Justice for Baron: The dog whose nose and ears were cut off.

When Michigan Humane Society received a call about an injured dog on the cold streets of Detroit, they were shocked to see his condition when they arrived. Someone had cut off the dog’s nose and both of his ears. 

The dog, who they named Baron, had been “brutally disfigured” and was malnourished -- his tail and hind legs were also injured. 
Baron had to undergo two surgeries so he could breathe normally again. They were a success and despite all he's been through, the Humane Society reports that Baron is a sweet dog who loves people and after a long recovery road, will be up for adoption. 
The person or people who did this to Baron haven’t been caught yet, even though the Michigan Humane Society is offering a $40,000 reward. This kind of animal cruelty cannot go unpunished.
Please sign this petition to help bring awareness to Baron’s case so that whoever did this is arrested and once they are, we can mobilize in large numbers to make sure this person is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. 


Baron had successful surgery in February.

MAR 1, 2017 — We learned that many of you may have not received the email update we sent out earlier this week. Apologies to those who have already seen some of this information.

First, we wanted to make clear that we’re not the ones who saved Baron. We heard about his story and started this petition to raise awareness and it took off! DoggoPupper is a new community of dog lovers who can share photos and stories about how much dogs mean to them and their families, and raise awareness about the importance of adopting or rescuing dogs who need homes. Please follow us on Instagram (we just posted a photo of Baron post surgery) where we’ll be sharing lots of photos of doggos and puppers: https://www.instagram.com/doggopuppergram/

The Michigan Humane Society are the people who saved Baron and they shared this update on their Facebook page a couple of weeks ago:

“The Michigan Humane Society would like to share that Baron had his reconstructive surgery today and is doing great. The surgery lasted around 2 hours and 30 minutes. His nasal passage is now covered and protected and his tail was shortened and sutured. Our veterinary team reports that he came through with flying colors, and is resting quietly while he recovers.”

Please consider donating to the Michigan Humane Society. They rescued Baron, gave him a life saving surgery, and are offering the reward for Baron’s abuser. You can donate on their website right here: http://bit.ly/2kJO20y

Thank you again for signing this petition. We’ll be sure to share any news about Baron and other dogs that you can help — and soon we’d love to hear about your own stories!



Baron was just adopted!

MAR 3, 2017 — We're very excited to share that Baron has found his forever home after being adopted by a loving couple who heard about this story!

"The Michigan Humane Society is happy to share the exciting news that Baron, the injured rottweiler, has found his forever home! We would like to thank everyone involved in his recovery for their time and dedication. To everyone that called, emailed, donated or shared his story, you have our gratitude. It's because of your support that rescues like Baron's are possible."

Read the full story and watch a video of Baron and his new family: https://doggopupper.com/2017/03/03/someone-cut-off-this-dogs-nose-and-ears-but-just-found-his-forever-home/

Then be sure to share the story so we can raise even more awareness about the importance of adopting dogs in need:

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Remember, Baron's abuser hasn't been caught yet -- so keep sharing his story. Someone knows what happened to him.


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These surgeons performed Baron’s surgery for free!


MAR 5, 2017 — Baron’s story just keeps on getting more and more inspiring. As you all know, Baron’s injuries were extensive enough to require surgeries that would usually cost thousands of dollars, but were carried out by Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine for free!
Read more about these amazing surgeons and find an interview with Dr. Bryden Stanley who led the surgery team here:

Then send a thank you to the surgeons by sharing this Facebook post: http://bit.ly/2mpeqfY

It’s been incredible to see so many people come together for Baron by signing this petition and sharing his story. Keep staying involved because there will be other dogs that will need your help and we’ll be sure to let you know!


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