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It’s Disgusting. It’s Horrific. It’s inhumane. It’s China’s Yulin Meat Festival Where 15,000 Dogs and Cats Are Tortured Alive...

 Warning: some Graphic photos are shown.....
Above ^Dogs crammed together, crushed and awaiting a slow torturous death.
  If you’re an animal lover, you love animals, right? You love your dog. You love your cat. I love my dogs and cats, birds, horses, deer, whatever. Large and small, I love them all. Sadly, this emotion doesn’t extend to all corners of this earth.  In China, isn't illegal to consume dog and cat meat because there are no animal protection laws there. Worse, it also isn't illegal to torture the animal first, then to consume them. Every year there exists the Yulin Meat Festival and it isn’t a festival. This year just weeks away on June 21st, the Yulin Meat Festival will begin again. “An annual dog meat festival in south-west China has begun, amid uproar on the part of animal rights activists. About 15,000 dogs and cats will be slaughtered for their meat consumed at the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin in Guangxi province to mark the summer solstice, state media said.”  Of course, the number can be a lot higher because the vendors don’t advertise the numbers. 
                                        Above Dog Chosen for Torture. Nice, huh?
     It is a ten day slaughter of companion animals that doesn’t end until June 30th. Right now as you read this, dogs and cats are snatched from the streets of China and shoved into crammed cages where they will crush each other, fearful for their lives and with great reason. Worse, people’s pets in china are stolen from their back yards or even off the pet owners. This is the Yulin Meat Festival. On June 21st, vendors and customers will fill the stalls at this festival. Vendors line up with cages of dogs and cats crammed together by their feet awaiting a slow, torturous death. The vendors wait for buyers to come by and pick an animal to buy and eat. Once a customer purchases an animal, the vendor will skin, boil, or fry that dog or cat alive. They’re under the misconception that not only will frightened, tortured animals make the meat tastier, but the torture will help them beat the summer heat.  

Note: Above dog is skinned alive for consumption.

     Sadly, this practice of skinning and cooking animals alive is not limited to the Yulin Meat Festival. Chinese people often do the same every day without giving the practice a second thought. Fact. This is not make-believe or the plot to a book or film. This is real life in many Asian countries. Not just China. Companion animals suffer this same fate in Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, and South Korea. Taiwan is the first Asian country to outright ban dog and cat meat consumption. Only time will tell if they actually will stop the practice since China has not. “The tradition of eating dog meat dates back four or five hundred years in China, South Korea and other countries, as it is believed to ward off the heat of the summer months, according to state news agency Xinhua. 
         Above dogs crammed together for long way to market. No food. No water. No compassion.
However, this festival began in recent years, Xinhua said. City officials have distanced themselves from the gathering. "Some residents of Yulin have the habit of coming together to eat lychees and dog meat during the summer solstice," the city's news office wrote on Weibo. "The 'summer solstice lychee and dog meat festival' is a commercial term, the city has never [officially] organised a 'dog meat festival'," it added. As in recent years, some animal lovers resorted to buying some of the dogs in order to rescue them.” BBC America. “China is estimated to account for 10 of the 30 million dogs slaughtered worldwide each year, though only a minority of residents -- about 20 percent -- eat dog meat, according to the Humane Society International. "This isn't a cultural issue as much as many people believe it is," Valarie Ianniello of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation told the L.A. County board.

People protest this practice. We must do more. NOW!

     Each year vendors, steal and kill more animals than they can consume. This is humanity at its worst. Sadly, this is not just in Asia. How many of you know that in the USA, it is legal to eat dogs and cats. Yes. It is, not that Americans participate in this practice. Openly anyway. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Many Asians no longer participate in the consumption of dog and cat meat and want no part of it. “Many Chinese people have been vocal in their opposition to dog meat festivals and social media campaigns condemning the practice have proliferated, apparently unchecked by Chinese government censors.” Patch.com.

 In 2015, the city of Yulin said it was not a sponsor of the festival and that year, 20 percent fewer dogs were killed, according to the organization Stop Yulin Forever. Animal charities are fighting to end this practice. One day, through stiff upper lip and determination, we can end this horrific practice of cooking live animals until their deaths. Until that day comes, we must do everything we can to end it. Sign petitions: you can find direct links to some below. Contact the governments and their leaders. Donate to animals causes like Humane Society and Fight Dog Meat. Save those animals that survived the horrors. Donate to causes that save these animals.

WARNING GRAPHIC Video here: Please do not turn away. In order to save these animals, you must look to see that this is real. This is happening. Every year it does.
www.FightDogMeat.com, pet centric, #fightdogmeat

          Screaming in agony, this poor dog tries to escape to no avail.

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