Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Goodbye to my sweet Baby Girl named Princes...

An ailing cat never quits; never feels sorry for himself; never runs from the end. ~ S.J. Francis
 Princess 2015, age 21.

     On Friday night, the 18th of March, 2016 I lost my best friend. She was 21 years, and 7 months old. We adopted her when she was just three months old from a kill shelter in Colorado. On Saturday, Feb. 27th, she awoke throwing up and we immediately rushed her to the animal clinic. The veterinarian said it was a liver infection and prescribed antibiotics. She barely ate while on it. The veterinarian said she had to eat and prescribed an appetite stimulant, which really didn’t work for her. One day short of three weeks to the day she first threw up, she died at home with her pet parents around her. She held steadfast to the end. She didn’t want to give up. She didn’t want to leave us. We didn’t want her to go either, but we knew she was tired from fighting. Her will for living was impressive. While ailing she still drank water. She still used the litter box. She still yowled. We’ll never know what she actually died from. We couldn’t cut her up to find out. We just couldn’t.     
S.J. Francis ~A person that parents a pet knows true, unconditional, unwavering love.
              Princess and doggie brother, 2015

During the last few hours she no longer rose from her bed we made for her. She couldn’t. She was so weak. Her right eye dilated and fixed. Her right paw didn’t move. A stroke? Perhaps. A cerebral hemorrhage? Perhaps. She could barely breathe. Her heart sped up. She gasped for air in intervals and then we heard her final breath. We watched her take her final breathe. It was a rattle, the death rattle they call it. We talked to her after her heart stopped. We never left her side during those last few hours. We talked to her all the time. We petted her. I sang to her two of her favorite songs: "You Are my sunshine", and "Tea for two". She was my sunshine. I’ve been a pet parent for many years. I’ve lost many pet children. Some we had to put to sleep at the end when cancer “killed” them and they could no longer function, eat, drink or want to live. Some died at home. I’ve never gotten over any of their deaths. I will never get over losing Princess either. As with the others, she left a hole in my heart that will never heal. There is a distinct silence in the house now since she’s gone. She used to like to talk. We used to carry on conversations with her.
Princess in her favorite spot 2014.

A pet gives love wholly, freely, entirely, unconditionally & unreservedly. ~ S. J. Francis.
Our two remaining cats, two kitten sisters that were abandoned over a year ago, tossed away at a garbage dumpster aren’t conversationalists, though we love them, too. There isn’t anything, any pain in the world quite similar to losing a pet baby. Anyone who says that someone that doesn’t have children doesn’t know the loss of a child has never loved a pet. We buried Princess in our backyard next to Charlie, our other cat that died of cancer just a few years before. She had hated Charlie because he teased her, or so we thought. But once he was put to sleep from cancer, she yowled for him every day. She missed him dearly.
Princess Dec 28, 2014.

I love you Princess. I’ll love you forever. I’ll miss you forever, too. Anyone that hasn’t love a pet hasn’t experienced true love. That unyielding, unrelenting, unconditional love that a pet give freely, completely to their pet parent. She was a housecat because we want to keep our pet children safe. We took her to the vet twice a year for lab work and checkups to keep her safe and catch things in time. She was on hyperthyroid medicine and her kidneys were going, eventually, but were held in check with special prescription diet. Of course, we were astounded when she was diagnosed with a liver infection. We never saw that one coming. How could we? She was always inside the house. Only occasionally went outside on the patio and back in again. We have no harmful plants or chemicals in the house. Supposedly, liver infections are quite common in cats, yet they don’t know what causes them. Because of her advanced age, it would be a long haul to full recovery. Obviously, her body had been hit hard from the infection. Not to mention the antibiotic that made her ill and weakened her. We assist fed her for the final week to ensure she ate. Neither we nor the vet knew what was going on. Had the infection taken a great deal out of her and she was ailing? Was her body giving out on her? Was she just experiencing a bad patch due to the infection? We’ll never know now, but we’ll always love her dearly. Fully. Unconditionally. She was our baby. She always was even though she was the eldest of our five animals.     
S. J. Francis ~A person that never had a pet has never experienced true love.
 Princess and doggie sister, 2014.

Now there are just four. She was the matriarch. She ran the house. She has us all well trained and we didn’t mind serving her. She was a beautiful cat, inside and out. She was shy and meek. She never fussed. She never picked on other cats, which made her a target to two boy cats we had, and the two kittens. She weighed six pounds all her life except for a few years when she went up to nine. In the end, at the last, she weighed just three. Princess put up a fight to live. She is my idol. She didn’t want to give up. I think she hung on because she knew we needed her. Knew we needed her more than she ever needed us. A pet child is a special being. How will I ever get over losing her? For the last three days, I’ve wandered aimlessly about my home not really knowing what I’m doing or where I’m going. I can’t focus. I can’t function. I lost my best friend. I lost my baby. I lost a beautiful little soul that can never be replaced. I miss you terribly, my dear beautiful baby, Princess. I will miss you forever.
Princess final photo February 27, 2016.

Senior cats show how to live patiently, gracefully, and to the fullest. ~ S.J. Francis.


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