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Meet Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue, a Cage Free Sanctuary Where Ohio just Seized the cats and it isn't good. Read on....


Critical Must Read Update on the Battle in Ohio

SEP 26, 2017 — A local businessperson took it upon herself to summarize the horrendous raid on CK and its aftermath. This is something all signers of the petition MUST take a look at to get the full context of the situation.

Ground Zero for Fighting Abusive Animal Control is in Ohio

AUG 31, 2017 — SPCAs and Humane Societies publicize the suffering of abused and neglected animals. All of us are familiar with the television commercials of heart-breaking stories of dogs and cats subjected to cruelty or abandonment. 


Lee Nesler of Lake Humane Society Ignores Change.org Petition: MAY 3, 2017 — People are asking about the welfare of the kitties seized from CK by LHS. The contact to find out is Lee Nesler at Lake Humane Society. The last authorized photograph we have was taken December 20th, 2016 by our photographer. The last known location was a restricted warehouse directly across the parking lot from LHS' main building. We currently have no current information on their condition or whether they have all been euthanized. The Global Petition for the return of the kitties was hand-delivered to Lake Humane Society on April 18th for Lee Nesler. To our knowledge, there was no reply or acknowledgement: https://www.change.org/p/10781507/u/20174627?utm_source=petition_update&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=fb_comment&fb_comment_id=fbc_1324712047598035_1326472574088649_1326472574088649#f32035643e56ac8

There is a secret cancer eroding the lives of animal lovers and pet owners in Ohio. No. This isn't a film or a plot to a suspense novel. It's worse. It's real. This deadly abscess is an Illegal Enterprise operating through a pattern of Racketeering; it is called the Ohio Humane Society and its County affiliates. Those groups, who are relied upon to protect animals, instead steal, torment, and, if they can't be sold, kill their helpless charges. The out-of-control criminal behavior of Humane Societies is a hidden national problem. As a former thirty year Assistant United States Attorney prosecuting white collar crime, it is my firm belief that Humane Societies in the United States may be the largest criminal organization in America today. [READ MOREhttp://www.carolines-kids.org/press.html

TO HELP CAROLINE'S KIDZ in their battle against the Humane Society: https://www.gofundme.com/oaovf

NOTE: At Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue, 97.5 cents of each dollar you donate goes to:

Cat Care

Daily Operating Expenses

Vet Bills
Cat care
Fundraising expenses are 2.5% of income.


EIN # 34-1932764
Office Hours Monday-Friday 10am-5:30pm
P.O. Box 24068, Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124

or call 440-449-3496

Owner surrender cats are only accepted into our Love for Life program.

Click here: http://www.carolines-kids.org/i/LoveForLife.pdf

The surrender fee to bring a stray cat is $125.00.

We are a limited admission facility on an available space basis.

If you unable to have a kitty in your home, you can help our kitties in their home by being a sponsor of one of our furkids for $20.00 per month. Email Us or call for details.

Join the party

Caroline's Kids is a nationally recognized sanctuary providing liftetime care for cats who come to us because of age, disabilities, behavioral or medical issues. Cats come to us from all over the country.
We are non-profit tax - exempt 501 (c) (3) corporation and are funded through donations and receive no government funding. Our Director is unpaid and we do not have an office staff, only staff for direct care of the cats.
Our sanctuary is confinement free meaning the cats are not in cages and can live in a homelike environment with beds and all the amenities of a home while they are being cared for lifelong.
Check out our Love for Life program to make provisions for your furkids in the event you can no longer care for them.

Meet Caroline!

Caroline of Caroline's Kids
Hello, my name is Caroline and even though I've gone to the Rainbow Bridge, my spirit lives on in Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue.

Caroline's Kids helps, old and sick cats, like myself, to live out their lives with care and compassion. Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue has a no-kill philosophy that allows these furkids, who have nowhere else to go, to live with dignity. Thanks to generous donors, Caroline's Kids is making a difference in the lives of cats. The kitties of Caroline's Kids send purrs of thanks.

Purring too,

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases

Executive Director/Founder:
Judie Brown

Sanctuary Manager:
Ellen Distler

... and some of our residents!                                      

Sponsor Madeline, a resident at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue needs your support
I'm Madeline
Sponsor Me!

If the above link doesn't work, don't panic:
Click here instead. It should take you to the donation page for Caroline's Kidz:

Meet Singe, one of the many residents at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue

Meet Bethany, one of the many residents at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue

A Note from S.J. Francis:
I must admit that I never heard of Caroline's Kids Cat
Rescue until I heard about the petition and how Ohio
seized the healthy and happy cats from this cage-free shelter.
Of course, I couldn't let this good cause and its battle
go ignored. I decided to do something. First, I made
a monetary donation on the gofund page. Second, I
shared about this shelter on my social media. Now,
I am sharing with all of you. Hopefully, you will
find this cause as important to you as I found it
important to me. It's important to note that most of these cats have nowhere else to go. Humane Societies routinely put down older and special needs pets. If not for Caroline's Kids, these cats would be put down, murdered. We can't let that happen to the innocent; those without a voice. Let's get the cats seized by Lake Humane Society back to where they belong so they can enjoy more loving and caring Thanksgiving dinners together. Let's put an end to dollars and cents over innocent lives. Thank you. I'm one for the animals. Always. Because if it's not me, then who. If not now, when?
Are you one for the animals?
S.J Francis

      *****     *****     *****
What is Caroline's Cat Rescue?
Caroline's Kids cage free cat retirement home Founder, Judie Brown

My goal is to have a sanctuary where the old, the sick and the totally unwanted, will have a place to live out their lives.

It's a terrible thing to die because no one wants you.

Judie Brown
Founder of
Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue

     *****     *****     
About us and our free roam, no-kill, Cat Sanctuary and Cat Retirement Home
A resident at Caroline's Kids Pet RescueOur Mission:

To give cats who are adoptable an opportunity for a permanent, loving home through adoption.

To provide lifelong care and love in a cageless sanctuary to old and special needs cats.

To promote the precious value of each feline life regardless of age, illness or handicaps.
                                                                                   *****     *****     *****         
How Did Caroline's Kids get its start? I knew you'd ask because I did.
In Judi's words, "My husband fell in love with Caroline when we visited and volunteered at a sanctuary out West in 1999.  We founded Caroline' s Kids in 2000 in memory of Caroline.  In Ohio at that time there were no places for older or special needs cats to live out their lives."

What happened to the cats from Caroline's Kids?
"Lake Humane Society raided us on November 28, 29 and December 2 , 2016 and seized a total of 156 cats.  

Our attorney is working to get the cats back as part of a court hearing on April 18.  

We have a video of the cats still alive that the federal judge got for us.  It is heartbreaking to see them in cages when their whole lives they were free roam.  Some look ok some are not good at all. 

We are doing ok, being strong for the cats in our care and strong to fight this fight for justice not just for CK but for all the raids all over the country for so many years. To bring justice for the lives of animals killed prior and vindication for the lives of the victims raided in their own homes, in shelters, rescues and sanctuaries across this nation for way too many years."

What can the Public do to help Caroline's Kids and protect other private shelter animals?
 From Judie,    “If your readers would sign our petition for this to stop, there is a bill in Ohio, to take the power away from humane societies and we are working on that as well.  
     Lee Nesler: Return Caroline's Kids Seized Kitty Cats so they can be loved 4ever! Sign Petition!

And donations are needed for all us plaintiffs in this case so Go Fund Me donations would be appreciated as well as regular donations to CK, as we need donors to keep us going.  Since November we have had a slight decline and need to have funds to stay open. For more information visit: http://gofundme.com/oaovf

Our mailing address is Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue  P.O. Box 24068                  Mayfield Hts.  Ohio 44124

From S.J. Francis: Sadly, by the time you read this blog post, some of the cats seized from Caroline’s Kids Cat Rescue may already be dead due to the stress of being seized and thrown into cages to face the unknown alone. This is the Lake Humane Society. This is animal control in many states. This is what they do. This is what they did to the innocent cats, old and special needs from Caroline’s kids Cat rescue and sanctuary. What happened at Caroline's Kids is a scary thing. To think that something like this could happen anywhere at any time to any rescue or sanctuary is horrible and disbelieving, but not surprising. Not to me. This is why Caroline's Kids has filed a Federal Lawsuit. To protect this sort of atrocity and act of animal cruelty from happening anywhere else. This is why they set up a Go Fund page to help with the lawsuit. Will you help? Anything you can give to the cause is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for your time. Animals have no voice. We must be their voice and shout at the top of our lungs for each and every one of them any and every chance we get. 

CK Defense Attorney files Motion in Court alleging fraud by LHS:
Ohio Animal Owners Vindication Fund
MAR 31, 2017 — IMPORTANT LEGAL UPDATE - CK Defense Attorney files Motion in Court alleging fraud by LHS on Affidavit used to obtain original Search Warrant. Please read this important document in its entirety. Note: The News-Herald of Mentor, Ohio had been given this information several days ago and chose not to publish an article about it.

Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue needs your help. When you install Gumdrop by Goodshop you'll get coupons and deals in real-time, right on the page where you're shopping. And, a percentage of what you spend automatically gets donated to us. Gumdrop is a free and easy way to help us every time you shop online. Get it here: https://www.goodsearch.com/gumdrop?cause_id=848723

There is a secret cancer eroding the lives of animal lovers and pet owners in Ohio. This deadly abscess is an Illegal Enterprise operating through a pattern of Racketeering; it is called the Ohio Humane Society and its County affiliates. Those groups, who are relied upon to protect animals, instead steal, torment, and, if they can't be sold, kill their helpless charges. The out-of-control criminal behavior of Humane Societies is a hidden national problem. As a former thirty year Assistant United States Attorney prosecuting white collar crime, it is my firm belief that Humane Societies in the United States may be the largest criminal organization in America today. [READ MOREhttp://www.carolines-kids.org/press.html

TO HELP CAROLINE'S KIDZ in their battle against the Humane Society: https://www.gofundme.com/oaovf

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases Here is the Truth
Thank you to Branolia, one of our awesome moderators, who so generously made this support video for everyone to enjoy and see what it is that Caroline's Kids did and what we are all about. We are still here, only changed forever. See the video on YouTube:

Branolia, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for this beautiful piece that touches me deeply and will be a wonderful memorial of what once was for the whiskered angels.

Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Press and News Releases 11/24/16 Thanksgiving Feast
Thank you to our awesome kitchen cam chat moderator, Branolia Gaming. Branolia moderates for us from the Netherlands. Yesterday he compiled a wonderful video of our 8th annual turkey feast for the cats. The link to this video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF1OkskTEC4
Thank you Branolia for your time and gift of this wonderful remembrance of a really special day for us and the whiskered angels in our care. For those who missed our turkey feast, here is the video of the downstairs rooms.

The above video was recorded Just a Few Hours Before Lake Humane Society Seized CK's Kitty Cats.

MAR 28, 2017 — Some of our beloved residents enjoyed their last Annual Thanksgiving Feast at Caroline's Kids before they were seized by Lake Humane Society on November 28th, 2016. They will likely never again receive this type of loving care and consideration. Many thanks to our kind supporter in The Netherlands for creating this video in support of our Mission.
Share your birthday with our cats

Donate your day to help them. Here is what you do.....

In place of receiving a gift yourself, ask family, friends and party guests to donate an item from our wish list or make a monetary donation  (checks made out to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue) in your honor to the cats of Caroline's.
Collect and set a time with us to drop off your gifts, take a tour and visit the cats you have made happy.

It is simple, fun, and makes their world better!
It is awesome and lifesaving!
And... We thank you for helping us to help them.

Founder, Judie Brown being nominated for Cat Hero of the Year

Remembering Friends and Family

Many people choose to give to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue in memory of a person who loved animals or a pet, or in honor of an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. This is a truly a fitting way of remembering as it helps the hundreds of homeless and neglected cats who pass through our doors in search of their own special friend and a loving home.
Upon receipt of your check made out to Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue, we will send the person you designate a personal note telling them of your thoughtfulness. We will also acknowledge your donation directly to you.

EarthCam Top 10 Winner

         View All Cams at Once:



Donate Petsmart gift cards to support Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary and Rescue Center

Donate Petsmart gift cards

Please help us care for our sick, abused, and aged cats by sending a gift card to
Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue
P.O. Box 24068
Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124 
Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Walk of Love


Planned giving is a way to include Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue in your overall estate and financial plan. Remember CK when making a new will or maybe amend an existing will to include Caroline's Kids. Check with your financial planner regarding gifts of stock and other giving options that will help the cats of Caroline's.
Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary Walk of Love

Walk of Love

Kicking Off Our Fundraiser for Our WALK OF LOVE. This year we are adding to our beautiful sanctuary property a walkway in memory of furkids, family
See more information ]. 
Donate to the Roger Fund to support Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary and Rescue Center

Donate to the Roger Fund

Roger, a cat hit by a car, suffered injuries including a leg broken in five places. Roger, rescued by Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue, survived a "touch and go" costly surgery authorized by Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue.

They have now established a "Roger Fund" to pay for future animal surgery or emergency care. You can earmark your donation for the Roger Fund. 
Join the  Love for Life Program to support Caroline's Kids Pet Sanctuary and Rescue Center

Love for Life Program

Who will care for your cat if something happens to you? See more information

This is our Live Kitty Cam from the Kitchen.

Chico, a resident at Caroline's Kids Pet RescueWe are a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the care and humane treatment of aged, chronically ill and abused cats.
The kitties at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue and we, Tom and Judie Brown, and the staff and volunteers at our no-kill cat sanctuary, Julius' House, in Concord Township, Ohio, need your help to provide for the cats in our care.

We want to provide an alternative to euthanasia for cats that are not suffering, but yet have been abandoned or surrendered by their owners.

Caroline's Kids is a sanctuary for life for old and special needs felines. Although we do adoptions on an appointment basis based on our availability, we remain a sanctuary with the needs of the resident cats coming first.

Our free roam facility provides a last chance for the "furkids" whose lives would otherwise come to a premature end. Our inspiration, Caroline, was one such creature who found sanctuary with compassion.

Our new 60 second commercial produced by Elysha A. Spector, Digital Media Artist.

Founder, Judie Brown being nominated for Cat Hero of the Year

Founder, Judie Brown being nominated for Cat Hero of the Year

[News Herald article written by Jenny May on 9/26/08]

To the more than 200 rescued felines housed at Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue in Concord Township, founder Judie Brown is viewed as nothing short of a hero.

With a little help from the community, Brown, who operates the sanctuary for abandoned, sick and abused cats, could receive that recognition nationally. Brown has been selected as one of 10 finalists in the Animal Planet "Cat Hero "contest. [read more...]

Press and News Releases:

Cat sanctuary relies on generosity of donors Cat sanctuary relies on generosity of donors

[News Herald article written by Robin Palmer 4/18/16]
Judie Brown isn't sure who said it, but it pretty much sums things up: "We are not in this for the money, but we need the money to be in it."
Brown and her husband, Tom, created and have operated Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue for more than three decades.
From its humble beginnings of fostering animals, to renting a spot in a veterinary clinic in South Euclid, to having a shelter in Newbury Township, the nonprofit group has called Concord Township home since 2007.
The no-kill cat shelter at 7394 Morley Road houses more than 250 cats, many of which are older and have special needs.
And, it takes a lot of money to not only feed those felines but everything else that goes with running a shelter.
Judie Browns says its costs $20,000 to $25,000 a month.
"We do it on a wing-and-a-pray," Judie Brown says. "The generosity of our donors is what we count on."
For those who donate, here is where your money goes each month:
  • 80 40-pound bags of litter per month, $660
  • Can food, $2,000 (dry food is usually provided by donors)
  • Insurance, $364
  • Vet bills and supplies, $3,000
  • Cleaning supplies (18 rolls of paper towels a week, 250 trash bags a week, laundry detergent, dish soap, bleach), $275
  • Utilities, including electric, gas, Time Warner and AT&T, $822
  • Paid staff (3 full-time, 2 part-time workers), $8,000
  • Miscellaneous and offices expenses, $5,000 to $6,000.
Currently, Caroline's has an outstanding bill of $21,000 at Lake Animal Hospital.
"Each month there are unexpected expenses that ruin a budget," Brown says. "There is no administrative office staff and I as director am a volunteer and draw no salary."
Browns says besides donors, Caroline's has been seeking corporate sponsors, but "most don't give us the time of day."
"It's about the value of every life. Everyone deserves a chance at life," Browns says of her mission to care for cats. "We're all going to get to that point one day. It's about compassion. Animals are the forgotten ones."
She said one thing is for sure, when you donate to Caroline's Kids, every dollar goes to cat care.
"The dollars go exactly where we say they are going," she says. "Every dollar they give is going to cat care one way or the other. It's not going to a huge CEO or employee or administrative fees. It's not going for what the big organizations take money in for.
"We stand for honesty and integrity. Integrity, that is a big word for us."
Ways to donate to the shelter, include visiting its website at www.Carolines-kids.org. Mail-in donations can be sent to: Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue, P.O. Box 24068, Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124.
The shelter is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.
Also, the shelter has a 24-hour cat cam available on its website.

See more Press and News in the Press Section

More Videos of Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue:
Caroline’s Kidz Documentary

Caroline’s Kids Cat Rescue Shelter caroline’s kids.org

Want to meet some of the residents at Caroline's Kids?

          Here are some photos of just some of the kitties:


Oh the love, and oh the care, people who make me feel so special....."home at last". I now have the name Edie and in spite of what is wrong with me, I feel like the prettiest girl.
My story started a few years ago but I choose to forget as the person who was supposed to be my guardian was not. I found myself in my carrier being taken away and I was so scared of what would happen to me. Then... The person put me in my carrier in a dumpster behind a business and there I sat, scared, alone and I guess just waiting to be picked up with the trash and compacted.
A kind man saw the carrier and picked it up not knowing I was inside.
I have a very painful mouth virus and had lots of fleas. The kind people at CK are taking good care of me and giving me something for pain but still it is hard to eat. I got really excited to get treats on my second day here but I struggled to get teeny pieces down. I slobber a lot from the virus and pain so my coat is not lovely right now but when I get well, I will groom and wash and be all shiny again.I am the happiest kitty to be starting a new life filled with loving care.There are so many kitties here like me with special needs and I hear the people here talk about how much money it takes for our care and food and stuff.
Please, would you help with a donation on PayPal or stop by the sanctuary with food, litter or items from the wish list?
I know this would help so much. What would have happened to me if Caroline's Kids did not take me in?

                                          This is Penny. She has leukemia. Your generous donations will certainly help her.
This is Penny. She has leukemia. Your generous donations will certainly help her.

                                                                   Meet Cory
What an ordeal this super sweet boy endured.
Cory is about 5 years old. He was rescued from a drain pipe after the horrible end of June storms. He was starved, wet, whiskers torn off on one side, and he is the most unusual color. Like two cats in one with black and white face and rest of him long haired brown. Oh, forgot to say that Cory was shot with a pellet gun and has a pellet in his chest. Yes, this boy deserves all the care and attention he is receiving at CK.      

Click here http://www.carolines-kids.org/residents.htm   to meet more of the cats.
Copyright Carolines Kids Pet Rescue and S.J. Francis. Thank you, Judie for allowing me the honor to showcase Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue Sanctuary here at my one for the animals blog. Together, you, I and other animal lovers and advocates can make a difference in an animals life. I'm one for the animals. Are you? I hope so. Cheers! S.J. Francis

I hope you join me in this wonderful cause for an organization that takes in those innocent felines that other shelters would kill. Being a parent to not one but several special needs furry babies, I can attest that though a little bit more care is needed to help them function, it isn't much at all. Cats, all animals are way better at adapting to their physical and mental limitations than any human I ever met. They don't whine, groan or pity themselves. They are truly wonderful souls. They don't know that they're old, or ill, and never let it ruin their day. If only humans could be so good at that. ~S.J. Francis

Want to help out shelter animals without spending a dime?

Answer a question daily for dogs and cats and kibble is donated to feed them.

Click on   www.freekibble.com/litter    and help give litter for cats.

Another way to help feed shelter animals without spending a dime is to visit and click the big purple box at:


Thanks for visiting my blog for the animals. It's always great to connect with another animal lover. If you and I don't speak up for them, who will? Be a voice for the animals and put a little joy in your heart while speaking up for them.

POTW feature

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Until next time….hug your animals. Tell them you love them. If you don’t have a pet, adopt one. Make adoption your first option when seeking a pet. Adopt. Don’t shop. Can’t adopt. Please consider fostering one. The animal will have the taste of home and the shelter will cover the expenses. Can’t foster? Make a donation or volunteer at your local shelter. Please, don’t hunt. Unless you’re starving down in a ditch somewhere, there is no logical reason to do so. Whatever you do, however you do it, please be a voice for the animals large and small. All it takes is one to make a difference, good or bad. 
Together, you and I can make a difference in an animal's life.  I’m one for the animals. Are you? Thanks for visiting. Stay safe. Be strong. Be happy. Smile. Show compassion. Be nice to one another. Pass it onward. If you like what you see here, please consider signing up to become a follower. Please feel free to share this post with others. 
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  Remember: Animals don't have voices. We must be their voice. Always. Forever. Wherever. Whenever. I'm one for the animals. Are you?

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