Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mama Dog Saved From Yulin Meat Festival Gives Birth to Puppies! (Photos)

Every year, citizens from the United States and around the world, are shocked and heartbroken to find out that the consumption of dog meat in Yulin, China, especially around the time of the year in June when Yulin Dog Meat Festival is still alive and well. Yes, you read that correctly, dog meat. Although in the U.S., we regard our dogs more as friends than pets, there are still a few parts in the world, where consumption of dog meat is sadly permissible.

Thankfully, there are several organizations in existence that are doing everything they can to put an end to this cruel practice.

This year, Humane Society International (HSI), has had quite a bit of success in intervening, stopping trucks on their way to slaughterhouses, and rescuing dogs previously destined to become meat. Many of these dogs have been relocated to the U.S. and others have stayed in China with HSI’s Chinese partners, where they are slowly getting used to leading normal lives, interacting with other dogs outside of the fear-ridden slaughterhouses of China, and even having babies!

     Take this sweet pup, who was rescued from Yulin by HSI. After  caretakers started to notice her belly bump and ferocious appetite, they deduced that she was, in fact, pregnant! 
Yulin Mama 1

When this dog first arrived at HSI rescue headquarters, she was severely dehydrated, had numerous injuries, and was hardly in any condition to care for babies.

Yulin Mama 2

Luckily, after some much needed TLC by the HSI Chinese team, this pup got back on the right track and healthy enough to care for her little ones. 

Yulin Mama 3

Had HSI not stepped in when they did, this mama would likely not even be alive today, let alone giving birth to new life. 

Yulin Mama 4

We’re so glad that her puppies will never have to suffer like she did. We wish this pup and her kin nothing but a life of happiness and peace! 

Yulin Mama 5

It is up to all of us to put an end to the Yulin Meat Festival and raise awareness about the danger of dog meat and the cruelty involved in this practice. HSI was able to save a lot of dogs this year from the grim fate they were destined for, but there is still much work to be done. It is important for the world to not forget the anger and disgust they feel at the time of the Yulin Meat Festival and to continue to raise awareness for these animals throughout the rest of the year. To learn more about Humane Society International and the amazing work they do, click here. http://www.hsi.org/

All image source: Humane Society International/Facebook.

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FYI: To find an animal in need of a home; to find an animal shelter near you, check out  https://www.petfinder.com

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