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A Shelter Dog's Poem....

A note from S.J. Francis:
Hi all to my fellow animal lovers!
Years ago when I adopted my first senior dog from a No-Kill Shelter, the animal shelter manager sent me this poem. I loved it and I had to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do/did.
    As she put it to me, 
"I received a very sweet and thoughtful email from Angel Wells in Martinsburg WV. Angel wrote a poem about her dog that I'd like to share with you. Angel wrote, "All of my dogs are shelter dogs, but I wrote this poem about one of them in particular. He is my chihuahua/papillon mix that has become my
therapy dog. He is very special to me and I couldn't live without him. Fate brought us together, and I think if other people would take the time to look in their local shelter, they might find their soul mate as well"
    All good dogs deserve a chance. Here is her poem:

A Shelter Dog's Poem
Once upon a time, you see,
There was this little pup
For reasons unbeknownst to me,
His family gave him up
Maybe it was chewing
Everything that he could find
Maybe they were busy and
Just didn't have the time
They took him to the shelter
And they just left him there
Outside, alone, in the cage
Shivering and scared
Even though they knew inside
If he went through those doors
He may never have the chance
To find a home like yours
He sat there crying silently
Wondering what he did
That was so bad that they just
Had to leave him like they did
However fate was smiling
On that little pup that day
Because a lady saw him
And she whisked him right away
He got a second chance at life
That others may have not
And now he's in a loving home
With everything he wants
Every day he gets that love
That he was looking for
And silently is thankful for when
She walked through that door
Others may not have this chance
So open up your heart
And adopt a shelter dog to take
And give a brand new start.

This is Mook at his happiest with snow.

     I never stopped adopting animals. In fact all five of my current fur babies are rescues. My first senior dog that I adopted before I received this poem was named Mook. He had separation anxiety and epilepsy, and spent nearly all his life in that animal shelter during his seven years of life. Somehow or other, he was taken back to the same shelter three different times before we came along. I'll never forget that day I looked into his cage and he looked back and without hesitation he licked my face. That was it for me. The deal was made and done. He was the one and we took him home with us.
We had him in our lives for nearly three years until Lymphoma took him away from us and never once did he ever have a seizure of a bout of separation anxiety. We loved him dearly and still miss him so. It's in his honor and all the other fur babies that we've adopted/rescued before and since him that we continue to do so. If you ever get a chance to adopt/rescue an animal, take it seriously, and give that animal all you have and you will never regret your decision or ever be alone.~S.J. Francis

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Remember, all types, ages, breeds, even purebreds are waiting to be adopted.
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