Tuesday, March 3, 2015

When considering a pet, make adoption your first option….


When considering a pet, make adoption your first option….

Over the years, I've had the privilege of adopting fourteen (14) rescue dogs and cats from kill and no-kill shelters as well as a few strays. I've loved them all and have no regrets in any of the adoptions. Most of them are dead now from old age, cancer and kidney disease.

I currently have five pet children: two dogs, one cat and two kittens. Aside from being loving and loyal, they all share something else in common. They are all rescues. My dogs came from no-kill shelters. My cat came from a kill shelter where she was one of fourteen cats available to adopt. The two kittens were abandoned at a garbage dumpster at just 3 weeks of age.
  My babies.

I’m a huge proponent for adopting an animal. Many dogs, cats, of every breed and sex are available and all you have to do is make a nominal adoption fee. Feel out an application and provide references.  When you’re in the market for a new pet, whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, etc. make adoption your first option. Don’t shop; adopt. You’ll feel good for doing so and you’ll gain a loyal and loving companion for life.
  All rescues.
  All thriving.

Why should you adopt a shelter pet, a dog, etc.? Here’s why…watch this you tube video with talented Tonya and find out more…. 


Hope you enjoyed this video. More so, I hope you learned something from it. Something you can take with you and share with others. Why adopt a shelter animal? Because it will change your entire life for the good. Thanks to TalentedK9Tonya for allowing me to use her video for this post.

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     Until next time….hug your animals. Tell them you love them. If you don’t have a pet, adopt one. Make adoption your first option when seeking a pet. Adopt. Don’t shop. Can’t adopt. Please consider fostering one. The animal will have the taste of home and the shelter will cover the expenses. Can’t foster? Make a donation or volunteer at your local shelter. Whatever you do, however you do it, please be a voice for the animals large and small. All it takes is one to make a difference, good or bad. I’m one for the animals. Are you? Thanks for visiting. Stay safe. Be strong. Be happy. Smile. Show compassion. Be nice to one another. Pass it forward.

    S.J. Francis

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