Saturday, January 3, 2015

I love cats of all sizes: Watch as rescued lion hugs her human rescuer...110lbs of love.

I love cats of all sizes: Watch as a rescued lion shares the love with her human rescuer:

via @todaypets:

What you're watching is Valentin Gruener getting a 110-pound "thanks!" from Sirga the lioness, who he helped raise from cubhood after her pack turned her away. She currently lives at Gruener's Modisa Wildlife Project, which is based in Botswana, Africa.

If Sirga's affectionate reaction jars your memory a bit, you might be recalling Christian the lion, whose story went viral in 2009 when a video of his emotional reunion with his human "parents" surfaced. Christian's story dates to the 1960s, but it was a clip from the end of a documentary about their story that revived the tale on YouTube and showed us all that lions are a little like elephants — they never forget.

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